Tropical Storm Warning Issued for Northern Bahamas, Same Area Devastated by Dorian

The government of the Bahamas has issued a tropical storm warning for the same area that was recently devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

The category 5 hurricane flattened large areas of the islands, including entire neighborhoods. Survivors are desperate for food, water, medical attention, and shelter.

A cluster of thunderstorms is heading towards the Bahamas and is expected to bring heavy amounts of rain. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Thursday that the system was expected to become a tropical storm within 36 hours and would hit parts of the northwestern Bahamas with tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rains.

The official death toll stands at 50 but is expected to rise and 1,300 people are still listed as missing nearly two weeks after the hurricane hit the northern Bahamas.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has assured Bahamians that the government was working hard to recover bodies and notify families.  Government officials are also providing counseling after reports of nightmares and psychological trauma.

“The grief is unbearable,” the prime minister said. “Many are in despair, wondering if their loved ones are still alive.”

CBN‘s Operation Blessing is in the Bahamas helping those in need, providing clean water, solar lamps, food, medical help, and supplies.

You can help the global charity aid organization continue to provide relief.  To learn more, click here

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