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Mining in our mines allows you to gather the resources you need to be able to level up and get stronger.



Each mine has a PVP zone where you can fight to steal other player's stuff - because in prison there are no rules if you don't get caught!. Alternatively battle it our in our giant PVP zone - just remember to watch your back.

Rent your own prison cell and build inside of it. Players can't enter, grief or modify it unless you whitelist specific players.


*Plugin still in development. Planned release date: Saturday 9th December (this is the deadline it can release before)

If you need help with anything whether it be how to play or you would like to report a player for something you have some options:

1: Ask staff on the server

2: Email me at

3: Visit our forums (Coming soon)

4: Download our app (Coming soon)


Port 19132